Mercury Waste Solutions is the Nation’s
Largest Mercury Waste Processor

We offer industry-leading capacity and comprehensive, state-of-the art mercury retort services. We recover Mercury from contaminated products, devices, and debris. Every step of our process works toward one objective…to effectively reduce your environmental liability..

At our Union Grove, Wisconsin facility, we are equipped to handle any container from a 1 quart container to a 30 yard roll off. Our patented continuous flow retort oven has been designed to process up 1,000 lbs per hour of flow-able mercury contaminated powders and other solids. Our four stationary retort ovens can process the equivalent of twenty seven 55-gallon drum equivalents in each run, which allows us to handle a wide variety of large, hard to handle waste such as large pieces of contaminated equipment including, pipes, tanks, and arc valves.

Safety, Compliance & Assurance
All processing is completed under EPA, OSHA, and State agency operating guidelines. All transportation is handled through licensed hazardous waste carriers. Extensive operational control technologies and safety procedures assure a safe, high quality recycling process. Operations are backed by a $5,000,000 comprehensive pollution insurance policy. We are audited and approved by numerous Fortune 500 and hazardous waste management companies.

Quality Service
We offer our customers turnkey services including waste profiling, storage and shipping containers, drum labels, shipping forms, transportation scheduling, loading assistance, recycling certificates and other specialized services and reporting as required. We carefully monitor all regulatory changes and keep our customers informed.

You can rely on Mercury Waste Solutions for quality, uninterrupted service in handling your hazardous mercury wastes.

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Safety, Compliance & Assurance

  • Monitored by the EPA, OSHA, DOT and State agencies

  • Audited and approved by numerous Fortune 500 companies

  • $5 Million in AIG Comprehensive Liability and Pollution Insurance

  • Extensive List of Treatable Mercury Products and Wastes

  • Transportation handled by licensed hazardous waste carriers under hazardous waste manifests

  • Equipped to handle any container from 1-quart buckets to 30-yard roll-offs

  • Experienced Regulatory and Health & Safety Managers on staff

  • Operating Managers with extensive experience in mercury recovery

  • An experienced Technical Customer Service Team assigned to know and understand your needs

  • Independent testing of residuals

  • Certificate of Recycling



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