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Each customer receives an environmental certificate of compliance once their mercury waste has been recycled.

Not All Mercury Recovery Is Equal. Our Results Exceed The Standards.

Our unique processes and technologies produce results which exceed federal guidelines and often bring residual Mercury levels below detection levels. Using our exclusive technology, Mercury Waste Solutions recovers up to 99.999% of available Mercury in the products we recycle.

Thousands of everyday products contain Mercury…Mercury Waste Solutions has the technology and processes to recover and recycle up to 99.999% of the Mercury contained in these products.

Lamp & Ballast Recycling Services

Mercury Waste Solution picks up PCB/DEHP ballasts from client's facility and consolidates for large shipments to an EPA-approved processing and incineration facility for destruction.

Fluorescent and HID lamps containing mercury and other hazardous materials are picked up by Mercury Waste Solutions and transported to an EPA-approved lamp recycling. The lamps are crushed, sieved and processed through distillation to recapture the mercury; the remaining glass and metals are recycled.

Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc. provides services to pick up, transport and recycle other mercury-containing devices such as mercury relays, controls, switches, manometers, thermometers, thermostats and ignitrons. The devices are disassembled and processed through distillation to recapture the mercury.

Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc. offers clients turnkey services, providing clients with: containers for ballasts and lamps; shipping forms for manifests; Certificates of Conversion for lamps and Certificates of Destruction for ballasts; drum labels; assistance in loading shipments; and special services as required by client. Upon request we also offer in-service training and audits.

All processing is completed under Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) operating guidelines and a certificate of recycling which fully documents the processing of each shipment in included with every invoice. In addition, our operations are backed by a $5,000,000 comprehensive pollution insurance policy.

Mercury Waste
Solutions, Inc

Corporate Headquarters:
302 North Riverfront Drive
Mankato, Minnesota 56001-3548
507.345.0522 voice
507.345.1483 fax


National Processing Center:
21211 Durand Avenue
Union Grove, Wisconsin 53182-9711
262.878.2599 voice
262.878.2699 fax
800.741.3343 toll-free

Upper Midwest Regional Service Center:
2007 West County Road C-2
Roseville, Minnesota 55113-1211
651.628.9370 voice
651.628.9371 fax
877.636.6514 toll-free


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